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Friday, February 10, 2006

Battle Hymn: Farewell to the Golden Age (TP)

Picked up this TP on wednesday and really enjoyed it (me thinks this will be right up your alley if you like Ex Machina). A unique story complete w/ solid narration and dialogue (albeit a bit fast paced) and perfectly matched, outstanding artwork.

Battle Hymn is the "behind the scenes" tale of a misfit band of WWII era "heroes" (even though that term is very hard to stretch here) assembled and run by the U.S. government and dubbed the "Watch Guard". The Watch Guard initially consists of a promiscuous poster-girl "betty" (included for PR), a fleet-footed speedster (ala the Flash but considerably slower), a couple uber-patriots (think warped versions of Captain America), a Brit w/ unknown powers/abilities (included to appease our allies across the pond), a mer-man (yeah), and an "intelligent" battle ready robot (click to enlarge the image below).

This is not your typical team book though... the dynamics between this group are gritty, raw, and a bit more like a super hero team may have been "really" had it existed back in the 40s. These people have "real" issues, believable interactions with each other, the public, and their employers. The government's motives behind the creation and funding of Watch Guard prove to be one of the coolest (even if a bit predictable) twists i've read in a while.

Overall a great book w/ an interesting cast, gritty atmosphere, and a story that wraps up nicely (and completely) in this one mini, complete w/ a thinking man's message. Great read. Cheers.

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