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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ghost Rider #6, DMZ #4, and Invincible #28

I can't believe it's already monday night again... I ran out of time to do individual reviews of some of the comics i read last week (next week i'm reviewing the good books first) so i'm just going to dump some quick thoughts here:

Ghost Rider #6 - This mini didn't seem to get as much love as i thought it should (i even read a thread or two trashing it) but i really, really enjoyed it. The story wasn't anything in particular to write home about but was plenty good enough for me (maybe it's because i've got no Ghost Rider history to compare to?), and the friggin' art man... fantabulous to say the least. Some of the best of the year (even for a guy like me who's not usually into the dark demon/hell artwork). I'll be buying the trade even if for the art alone.

As for #6, it wraps the story up tidy enough but i still can't figure out the purpose of the priest... seemed kind of like he was just thrown in there. No worries.

DMZ #4 - This title gets a little bit better with each issue IMO. #4 was the most interesting by far for me personally, and i'm liking where this book is headed. In #4, our hapless war-time photo journalist meets up with an underground "Ghost" militia who have staked their claim to central park zoo and made a self-sufficient home there (even growing bamboo in abundance for trade bait as an alternative energy source). These guys are willing to protect what little real wood is left of the once tree-filled central park (and their territory) at all costs.

Proof-pudding that even in times of overwhelming duress, and a breakdown of civility in wartime, society plods on (even if in small pockets). I like this book. A lot.

Invindible #28 - As we all know i'm a big Invincible fan but i gotta admit i'm kind of looking forward to the next arc already. This whole Mark meeting back up with his dad business was cool at first, but the preying mantis wife and hybrid kid got a little weird. Luckily Mark's new step-mom has a ridiculously short lifespan so she won't be around long... and his new little brother could very well turn into a cool character if played right (i'm assuming he will have some accelerated growth so prob grow up real fast).

I've yet to totally buy into the forgiveness Mark seems to have exercised towards his dad (came a little too easily IMO after all the shit he pulled on Earth), but i've got no problem looking past that really. Seems like things may pick up here w/ #29 though as Dad (and Mark?) seek to whup some ass in revenge for the destruction of step-mom's homeworld by the nefarious Viltrumites (Mark's dad's folk for the uninformed).


14 February, 2006 02:36, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Why in god's name would you buy a trade for a series you already own in serial format?

14 February, 2006 09:18, Blogger zilla said...

ha... i don't really keep any floppies (when i buy the TP i sell the flop run on ebay for usually about 2/3s+ of what the TP cost me), the only comics i keep are HCs or TPs (bookshelf)... so if i plan on reading it again (or several times in the coming years possibly) i get a TP - plus it's easier to grab a trade to go (i travel a lot) than a stack of bagged and/or boarded flops.

14 February, 2006 17:36, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Hmmm... Not much of a collector then eh? ;-)

14 February, 2006 17:50, Blogger Ryan X said...

Zilla, stop trying to defend yourself, you are getting no love from Uncensored! Ha ha. Keep it up Uncensored, someday the Z will be sorry he doesn't have that flop that is now going for $15000000 on eBay right? Love it.

14 February, 2006 19:01, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Ha. With the high publication numbers of serial format comic books; they'll never reach the value of many golden and silver age books. I just like to keep comic books for collecting purposes, not because of what they "might be worth someday".


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