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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goon #15

Nothing spectacular here. The Goon, Frankie, Buzzard and gane (i love the cast in this book) have got the Zombie Priest on the ropes (they think) as the Labrazio family's piece of the proverbial pie continues to grow. Of course every other mobster (and/or family) around is trying to horn in on the Labrazio's good eatin' and so the Goon has to make some power moves to protect his stake (this issue's 90% ass-whuppin'). Meanwhile the Zombie Priest is secretly making some underworld power moves of his own... Stay tuned.

Also included in the back of #15 is a bonus Goon short drawn by Mike Oeming. Oem's style doesn't really work for the Goon IMO (even though i love Oeming as you know), but ended up being fun to look at never-the-less. Ultimately the short is missing Powell's midas touch that really makes the Goon work, but taken for what it's worth, its worth a read (and a chuckle or two).

Overall a bit of a space-filling issue (what are those called?) but since i'm a huge, huge Goon fan i won't complain (too much). C+.


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