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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hellboy: Makoma #1

I wish Mike Mignola had more time (assuming that's the problem). There just aren't enough Hellboy stories these days, and when the DO come out, he's usually only partially involved (writing a bit, drawing a bit). Not to say that Corben's work in this latest mini gives me any heartburn really - i'm just a big (huge) fan of Mike Mignola as single creator for Hellboy (his writing, his art).

Regardless, Hellboy: Makoma rolls out like a classic Hellboy tale. Mignola draws the first 1/3 or so, as our story opens up in the New York Explorer's Club back on August 16, 1993. While cavorting w/ some Arcaheologists fresh home from a dig, Hellboy runs into a recently exhumed mummy who just can't wait to tell him a story (the dead are a talkative bunch aren't they?).

The mummy's tale begins (accompanied by Corben's drawn pages) as he recounts the story of a demon(?) born intelligent enough from day 1 to name himself Makota which means: "He who is greatest and without fear". Makota begins his life at the bottom of an alligator infested pool, eventually emerging full grown and on a mission to save a nearby tribe, africa, or the world (the scope of his "saving" isn't really clear) from a nasty crew of giants and demons.

At the start of his mission, Makota (who looks ever so strangely like Hellboy if i haven't mentioned it) is confronted by a gypsy who offers him a magical bag to fill w/ the bones of his enemies and orders to return the fallen enemy filled sack her at the end of days. He takes it of course, and sets off on a wandering quest to smote some giants, pummeling through such renowned figures as "The Builder of Mountains", "The Digger of Riverbeds", and the "Planter of Forests", trapping each in turn in his magical burlap trash bag.

The story moves along at a crisp pace (i enjoyed it), and despite all my complaining about Mignola only drawing the first few pages, Corben actually does a decent job w/ the art through the second 2/3s even though he doesn't capture the dark Hellboy "feel" that Miggs is famous for IMO. The story is interesting enough (and laced w/ some familiar HB tongue-in-cheek humor) and certainly worth a read for any HB fanboy. B+.

It was all over when...

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