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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Incredible Hulk #92

I finally ditched the Hulk a few months ago after loyally sticking by it through what seemed like months and months of horrible issues, one after the other. I've got such a thing for the big green though (dating back to my childhood comic days) that i inevitably pick up each new issue and thumb through it - subconsciously looking for any reason to start buying it again.

To my surprise, i picked up #92 today and noticed that the guy who's artwork all but drove me away when he started a few issues ago (along w/ writer Greg Pak) seems to have disappeared and been replaced by Carlo Pagulayan (sp?). Pagulayan's pencils are the best i've seen associated w/ this book since i've been back (about a year now). His Hulk adaptation is much more my style, and even though there's nothing spectacular about his artwork overall, it's refreshingly better than some of the dreg we've been shoveled on this title lately. I'm really hoping Carlo is the new "guy" and not just a fill in (anyone know the answer to that?).

Anyways, this issue kicks off the new (and much balyhooed) "Planet Hulk" storyline, which Pak describes as a 14-part epic in the letters pages. Yeah FOURTEEN part. Wow. Hulk has been rocketed off into space by his pals on earth, who had planned to exile him to some garden of eden utopia planet devoid of any life that he can "smash", but wouldn't you know the ships navigation system crunks and he ends up somewhere way off course (and nowhere near as pleasant)?

We'll have to see where this one goes - Greg's promising us to introduce some new races and characters that will impact the MU (the new alien races he promised are pretty boring and "been there done that" IMO however), and throw in cameo's from a familiar space-farer or three (Surfer?). This first issue was a pleasant surprise for me (tho not great), and if Pak keeps things rolling, and this new guy Pagulayan keeps holding pencil, i might be back w/ The Incredible Hulk before anyone even know i was gone (or cared). B.

It was all over when...


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