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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jenkins on "Civil War: Front Line"

Interesting indeed. Instead of having 1000 spin-offs to Marvel's next big event (Civil War), they've decided to enlist Jenkins to put out 64 pages a month (about 3 comics worth) in the form of 10 bi-weekly issues. Ambitious for sure...

I do love me some Jenkins though (usually) so i'm hoping he can pull this off. Personally i'm way more likely to follow this event in this format, so no beef from me as long as the creative team can keep up w/ it w/o watering it down (or filling space to meet deadlines). What do you guys think?


PS There's a variety of artists working this w/ Jenkins... so let's hope we can get some consistency there too (even though that's not a deal breaker for me...).


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