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Friday, February 17, 2006

Losers #32 (THE END)

I know we got at least a couple Losers fans around here; so what did you guys think about the last issue?

Personally i thought Diggle and Jock used the last few flops to wrap the series up nicely (seems like they gave them enough time to tie it off the way they wanted and didn't force them to come up w/ some corny one-issue closer at the 11th hour). Gotta love how they teased us at the end of this issue into thinking "wait it might not really be over!" and then... it is.

I have heard rumors that Diggle may give us a few more stories via mini's, but you got to wonder how well that will work out w/ about half of the team taking dirt naps at the moment (and this isn't exactly the world of superhero's where resurrection is just a "thing").

Anyways, i enjoyed the hell out of Losers while it lasted; it was always action packed, unique, often humorous, gritty, and well... cool. I have to admit thought that i got a bit bored w/ it from 26 or 27 to 30 (they seemed to have dragged out the whole new state/max thing a bit longer than necessary) and i was kind of looking forward to the next arc... before i found out there wasn't to be one that is ;) Small potato complaint though there.

Too bad this title didn't get more love, seems to me that Diggle could have written an unlimited number of these (even if the original plan was only 40 issues).

Ah well... All good things come to an end. If you missed this run you can pick it up from start to finish in what will be 5 skinny trades (i wonder what the chances are we get any compilations?). Hard for me to belive you wouldn't like losers if you're a comics fan whos ever enjoyed Lludlum, Clancy, Flynn, or Eisler (among others but you get the idea).


It was all over when...


17 February, 2006 16:45, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Bon voyage, Jensen and Pooch! It was a great run.

I really liked how Diggle handled the scene with Jensen leaving Cougar behind with the nuke. Couple of silent panels nailed everything I loved about this series. Despite the over-the-top action and stock character types, Diggle always managed to give each one of them distinct personalities that made you care about them; made them seem human. And Jock's art was perfect for the story. (As were, surprisingly enough, the couple of fill-in artists; especially Colin Wilson.) I think I'm going to buy the trades so I can read them straight through without digging into my longboxes for the first 24 issues.

With the right cast, this is going to be a kickass movie! Can't wait.

23 February, 2006 12:25, Blogger Ryan X said...

Finally read the final issue last night. I was less enthralled with it than you guys, but it did wrap up nicely. I loved this series and always looked forward to reading it when it hit my box. Oh well, better to go out on a high note I guess.


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