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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nextwave #1

Elsa: So what made you want to be a super hero? Was it the clothes?

Captain: The mask, I guess.

Elsa: Why?

Captain: So i could hit people in the face really hard and run away and no one would know it was me.

Elsa: What was your super hero name?

Captain: Captain !@#%^?

You're kidding me.

Captain: Nope, I was Captain !@#%^?

Elsa: Why, for God's sake?

Captain: Hey, I'm from Brooklyn, I'm going to call myself Mr. Friendly? Hell, no, Captain !@#%^?. I met Captain America once, He asked me what my name was.

Elsa: And you said Captain !@#%^?

Captain: Man, he beat seven shades of it out of me. Left me in a dumpster with a bar of soap shoved in my mouth.

I'm way late to the party reviewing Ellis' Nextwave but i couldn't resist at least posting to recommend it. Nextwave is a bit hard to describe, but i can tell you it's got a solid cast (including Captain Marvel of Avengers fame, a butt-kicking female from a line of "near-immortal monster hunters", a nick-fury esque hard-ass, and a cynical cyborg).

The first issue is pretty much jam packed w/ action and laughs - though i wouldn't say Nextwave is easily wholely classified as hanging its hat on either.

Our interesting band of heroes (together forming the crack anti-terrorism squad Nextwave) are rogue agents of a parent anti-terrorist organization called H.A.T.E. (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort). The Nextwave crew discovered that their employer has been accepting funding from the Beyond Corporation, which sits as a front for terrorists attempting to product-test "unusual" weapons of mass destruction on the public.

"Meh" right? well i've yet to mention that the first said WMD is of the biological variety: A towering purple dragon (Fing Fam Foom?) with purple drawers that all but erupts out of the earth to terrorize a nearby town. Wild.

I missed this on initial release but couldn't stop hearing about it so thought i'd give it a try... turns out Nextwave is intersting, funny, and a bit of a break from what we'd normally expect from Warren Ellis (to say the least). I'm actually pretty damn surprised that Marvel came out with this book. It's got that creater-owned indie feel that we rarely (if ever IMO) get from the big MU.

I have no idea whether or not this title is ongoing, but i hope so. The cast is solid (if not unique), and Immonen's art is right up my alley. At the end of the day it's a fun book w/ a lot of personality. A.

Check out this dialogue:


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