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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oeming's "Blood River"

Blood River is essentially the story of a group of high-school age youngsters who discover a treasure map while camping in the woods (dopping acid, smoking doobies, and hooking up along the way).

The treasure (100 thousand bank-robbed dollars) is buried somewhere in the forest's nearby river. The recovered map to the booty seems simple enough, but no quality treasure-hunting adventure is without it's less-than-obvious pitfalls (as history can certainly atest). Our merry band of hop-heads are confronted along the way by a couple of would-be muggers and a ferocious monster - all while battling the dense forest, it's murky river, and a self-imposed drug haze.

Oeming does a pretty good job setting the tone and delivering the story (make no mistake this is a horror/thriller at heart). Blood River moves quickly but manages to keep interest and pay off pretty well at the end (especially when we find out it's loosely based on a rather fascinating historical event, which is neatly summarized in a text-only page at the back).

The artwork isn't spectacular (the characters have a bit of a cromagnon look, and it's hard to tell them apart at times), but grew on me as the pages turned... to the point where i was actually starting to appreciate it toward the end.

Overall Blood River was a pretty solid read. I was definitely entertained (even though i got through it in less than 30 minutes). B.


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