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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Savage Dragon Vol. 1: Baptism of Fire

I've just recently been introduced to Eric Larsen and Savage Dragon (for shame i know) a few weeks ago. It gets SO much love around the comics community that i picked up the first trade in my last instocktrades.com order on hype alone. Glad i did.

There's a couple big plusses with Savage Dragon (for me) right off the bat: First of all, i love creator owned and operated books, and i'm always impressed when the same guy does the writing AND artwork (you just get a feeling you're getting everything as intended that way no?). Larsen obviously handles both chores w/ SD, and does a great job w/ each IMO. Second, i love "superhero" books set in different, less mainstream universes (like Planetary, Authority, Invincible, Powers, Battle Hymn, etc.) - Universes filled w/ characters ALL created by the mind of one or two dudes. Something very cool about that for me.

Larsen's SD story is bigger than life, action packed, and dosed w/ enough well-placed humor to have me chuckling (if not belly laughing) just often enough. I'm a huge sucker for amnesia stories for some reason, and SD's tale certainly fits the mold. I'm actually pretty anxious to get on w/ the second trade just to find out more about who he was before becoming the flatfooted "Mr. Dragon" (so don't tell me).

Larsen's artwork is much like his writing; big (often huge) and action packed w/ gernerous use of killer 2-page action spreads. Just about every hero, villian and side-character in here has a pro-wrestlers build - which would normally turn me off but for some reason works just fine in SD. The layouts def lend to the overall sense of action (i kind of felt like i was watching some huge budget action flick as i read this), and Larsen's put together a seriously wild cast of good and bad guys.

Savage Dragon is one of those comics i totally missed while i was gone (obviously there was no hint of it when i was a kid) though i'm def glad to be turned onto it now. My next challenge is finding out how many of these 100+ SD issues are really worth reading (there has to have been a let down or 2 TP in there somewhere). A lot bigger challenge than trying to catch up with something that's only got a few trades to read (like i did w/ Losers, 100 Bullets, Y the Last, etc.).

I'm on to #2 at least though... B+.


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