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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ultimate Avengers DVD?

Reviews have started to crop up for the new Marvel DVD, Ultimate Avengers. Michael San Giacomo for one thinks they got the spirit of this one spot on and managed to capture at least some of the magic of Millar and Hitch's Ultimates and Ultimates 2 (the best superhero team book i've read since i've been back BY FAR) - even going so far as to eloquently call the new DVD "pretty close to great".

Read Giacomo's review over at Newsarama HERE. i'm def going to be picking up this DVD on the 21st (or netflix-ing it at the very least). Hopefully this is just the start of some "new level" cartoon interpretations from Marvel.

PS - Ultimates is one of those books that i referred to in my post yesterday that is about to shuffle creative teams even though the current guys are at the top of their game with the title... sad, sad, sad (and so uncessary).


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