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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ultimate Fantastic Four #27

Written by: Mark Millar (The Authority, Wanted, The Ultimates)
Penciled by: Greg Land (Sojourn, X-Men: Phoenix Endsong)
Published by: Marvel
Release date: 02/15/06

“President Thor” Part 1 of 3

The issue opens at the site of the N-Zone teleportation accident that gave Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben and Victor their powers. Reed is standing, discussing a plan to prevent the accident from happening with the Ultimate F4 from 24 hours in his future. Reed is comforted by the fact that he and the rest of the team reach the decision to prevent the accident so soon from now, and with that information, he heads back to the present. In the present; Reed phones Sue (who is at an archeological dig in Chilie), and discusses his plan with her, and the reason why he feels it needs to be. She disagrees, and we find out that the tomb her team is digging in has fossilized remains of a Super-Skrull. Meanwhile, Ben is seen being chastised by a police officer for unwittingly taking out a car full of undercover police. We learn that Ben is on his way to Johnny’s birthday party, and Johnny has told him that this is a costumed party, with an old movie star theme; “guys go as girls and girls go as guys”. Ben shows up dressed as Carmen Miranda, only to find out that Johnny has tricked him into humiliating himself; this causes Ben to walk away in tears, and makes Sue realize why Reed’s plan is necessary.

When I buy an individual comic book issue; I typically read it once, maybe twice, and put it away for god knows how long. You know how many times I’ve read this issue in the past four days? Five times; this is one of the best issues of any series I’ve read in a long time. This issue serves as merely build up; we don’t know why what happens in the end happens, how preventing the teleportation accident causes the “President Thor” outcome, but let me tell you, it doesn’t even matter at the moment.

I have no problems in saying that this title is easily better than it’s 616 counterpart(s), the characters feel more down to Earth (which is truly amazing, given the source material), the artwork is absolutely beautiful (I don’t give a rat’s ass if Greg Land uses photo-referencing), and the stories are fresh, exciting, and move at a perfect pace. Never, ever have I felt a strong emotional reaction to something I’ve seen in a comic book until I saw this issue; I swear, after Johnny’s prank against Ben at the party, and Ben’s eyes begin to tear, I almost began crying myself, shouting “You went too far this time, you little shit”. I felt a bit better though when Thor’s reply to a comment Johnny made to him afterwards was “Get away from me, you little weasel.”

Ultimate Fantastic Four is a great comic book; disregard the naysayers, this is something you truly don’t want to miss. It’s just unfortunate that Millar & Land will be departing after issue #32.

Rating: ****1/2 out of *****


20 February, 2006 08:44, Blogger zilla said...

damn millar is leaving after #32? weak. i told you #27 rocked though - this is the first UFF i've read in a long time (after only giving it a one or 2 issue shot when i first got back into comics just over a year ago) and i'm kind of pissed i've been missing it... thanks for the heads up though Uncensored, i'll at least be following it now as long as Millar is around.

any clue who the next team will be?

20 February, 2006 16:10, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Hasn't been announced yet; and probably won't be for another couple of months. To be honest, I'm hoping Millar & Land will stay on the book, because they're doing great with it.

05 March, 2006 12:35, Anonymous cmoney said...

Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry.


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