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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2

This book continues to impress (and satiate my need for some good Hulk stories and artwork).

Yu is fantastic IMO, and this TV -> Comics writer (Lindelof?) has done a better than expected job for his first time out. Don't get me wrong, i love me some "Lost", but i wasn't really expecting a whole lot from the writing in this mini (i picked it up solely for the art at first), but shit - after 2 issues, it's pretty darn entertaining...

"Ultimate" Hulk is well more interesting than the 616 version at the moment; Millar and Hitch started it off (WELL) with Ultimates and Ultimates 2 then passed it over to Lindelof and Yu, but i can only hope for an ongoing Ultimate Hulk book (what are these guys doing for the next year or so?). B+.


27 February, 2006 00:25, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Loved the references to the old Incredible Hulk TV show... The therapist calling Banner "David"; causing him to Hulk out and kill her yelling "HULK'S NAME NOT DAVID!" (voicing fan reaction to the name change). The following scene having Banner under the alias of "Bixby" (Bill Bixby played Banner on the old TV series).

27 February, 2006 13:56, Blogger zilla said...

yeah man... i caught the bixby nod and laughed.


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