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Thursday, March 30, 2006

All-Star Superman #3

I personally find Superman (the character) uninteresting and more than a bit played out, and i can honestly admit i've never really been a fan - even when i was a kid. Blasphemy? Maybe, but i think i'm changing my tune w/ Morrison and Quitley's All-Star Superman.

Superman is dying (and he knows it); but instead of immediately writing an obvious (and most likely predictable) solution to this very big problem, Morrison has decided to spend some time exploring what Superman would do if there seemed to BE NO SOLUTION. He's accepted his fate, and is attempting to quietly wrap up his earthly affairs, starting by admitting to the love of his life (Lois) that he is in fact both Superman and Clark Kent, and spending some precious time with her.

This (fairly) simple premise has set the stage for 3 interesting issues thus far, adding a welcome depth to SM, and a real sense of "human-ness" and emotion that is rarely seen in superhero comics (or maybe i should say "oft seen but rarely well executed"?).

I can't get over how much i actually feel when i read this title... everything from Superman's obvious internal struggles (much of which is subtly conveyed) to Lois' playful, down right adorable (yeah i used that word!) personality - showcased by her paranoia thinking Superman had captured her to experiment on her, her refusal to believe that Superman and Kent are actually the same person, and the fun she has on her birthday w/ 24 hour superman powers, falling asleep before he can ask her to marry him. A+

PS - Quitely's art is friggin' GORGEOUS too, and perfect for this title. Superman's a bit frumpy looking at times, but the image subconsciously adds to the "human" feel Morrison and Quitley are shooting for with this. Great, great comic. One of those that has me wishing i was a better writer...


02 April, 2006 14:55, Blogger Matt Guerrero said...

Hey, I just found your site. Very cool.
I think the big difference between the emotion that Grant shows (in all his comics, even back to The Invisibles); is that it feels more organic than other comic writers who either force sentimentality down your throat or forego emotion altogether for blood and guts (lookin' at you, Frank Miller).
Like I'm telling anyone willing to listen, though: Frank Quitely is the best damn artist in comics. This book wouldn't be half as good without him. You're right, sometimes Superman looks frumpy and normal; other times like freakin' Elvis (not Vegas Elvis, either).

02 April, 2006 15:55, Blogger zilla said...

welcome aboard billy and thanks for the comments. i think you're right on point w/ Morrison's writing here - AND the fact that emotion too-often feels forced or forgotten in comics these days...

And yes sir, Quitely is a beast IMO, even though it seems popular to bash is work here for no good reason. I'm digging it big time.


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