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Friday, March 17, 2006

Batman Hush HC

This Batman: Hush HC is the first "absolute" edition i've ever read, and man is it gorgeous. Jim Lee's art is phenomenal (no surprise there) throughout the arc and looks even better hardbound, enlarged, and on glossy paper. Honestly, this might be the "prettiest" (for lack of a better word to describe the amazing artwork) collection i've read since i've been back. Jim Lee is obviously nothing short of an incredible talent.

Hush isn't ALL artwork though; even though Loeb's story wanes a bit at the end IMO, ultimately there's little to complain about - and Hush definitely goes down as one of my all-time fav Batman stories (followed by The Long Halloween, also written by Loeb w/ Tim Sale, who's artwork pales in comparison to Lee's tho i'm a big fan).

Not a huge collection of extra's here, but pages of very cool "easter egg" style revelations (w/ page numbers even) and bonus sketchwork from Jim Lee kept me reading 'till the last page.

Batman: Hush HC - A

PS - There is no way to get my scanner to do justice to the artwork in Hush, so i didn't really try. Anyone who's read this thing knows what i mean ;)


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