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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Centurion

Over at the MillarWorld forum, I noticed, a couple of weeks ago, a "write-off". It was on the very day submissions were due to close, so I quickly wrote something up (from plot conception to finished script took about two hours). The rules were; the script had to be 8-12 pages (as drawn), and it must deal with the origin of a character.

I recieved a fair amount of critism, which I appreciated; as it was constructive.

I'm going to share to script with this blog for the hell of it. I ask you to take into consideration that it was concieved and written in a rush, and that I've never attempted writing a comic book script before, which becomes evident in the panel discriptions.

Anyway, enjoy, comment, whatever.

Origin of The Centurion


18 March, 2006 02:57, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Well thanks for the comments.

18 March, 2006 11:38, Blogger zilla said...

i personally haven't had a chance to read it yet but def plan to... been a busy couple of days 'round here.

25 March, 2006 03:49, Blogger Christopher Green said...



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