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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ex Machina #18

I'm not sure there is a more intelligent mainstream comic out there than Brian K Vaughn's Ex Machina. This book doesn't seem to come out as often as it should, but when it does hit the stands, it's rarely a disappointment. I've been following Mayor Hundred since #1, and it's honestly hard for me to recall a single let down issue (and that's saying a lot in today's world of "stretch to trade" arcs).

In #18, a chemical attack is unleashed on the anti-war demonstration Hundred ok'd last issue, and he's beginning to feel some related guilt (maybe one of the many enemies he made as a superhero back-in-the-day are really trying to send him a personal message?). His intern turned staffer, Journal, who was near ground zero during the attack (participating in the march) has been hospitalized with grave internal injuries (poisoning).

Meanwhile, an angry mob of street thugs, racially profiling fellow citizens because they think the chemical attack to be an act of al queda (etc.) terrorism, lash out in a very unfortunate way... And prove Vaughn's willingness to keep Ex Machina forever on the edge (and i LOVE that about this title). B+.

PS - the art continues to kick ass too (as we know).

It was all over when...


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