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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fear Agent #3

Ah Fear Agent. Feels like it's been a hundred months since the last issue, though i might say it was worth the wait (it was). I'm still sick as a dog w/ the flu so i don't have the nuts to write too much but wanted to make sure i got something down about FA #3 before i reset w/ this weeks book day...

This title is pretty much the cat's ass. It's unlike just about anything else in the mainstream right now, and manages to single handedly satisfy my appetite for sci-fi adventure (and, along w/ Exterminators, beautifully colored Tony Moore artwork). As seems to be a recurring theme these days however, there's already a rumor that Moore will be rotating w/ some other guy here soon, and we're only 3 issues deep. Weak. I love Tony Moore's pencils (see TWD), and their even more incredible in color...

Anyways, here in #3, our fearless Fear Agent Texan (Heath) is a waylayed in his attempts to warn Earth about the "Feeders" impending alien invasion and stranded on an unknown planet. Remender keeps the action (and tongue-in-cheek laughs) coming and drops a nice little cliff hanger. Can't wait until #4. B+.

It was all over when...


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