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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hysteria: One Man Gang #1

Sean did a great job reviewing this new comic over at Quality Control (and i happen to agree w/ most of what he's said) so i won't get too deep into it here but wanted to post *something*:

First off, know that i'm a HUGE kung-fu geek and def find myself dissappointed w/ the lack of kung-fu/martial arts comics out there (zero in the mainstream). Mike Hawthorne's Hysteria: One Man Gang is short on words but long on action, and Sean is def right about one thing in his review - Hawthorne's panels and layouts have this nifty way of putting you right in the middle of it all, just like any good silver screen kung fu classic. I absolutely loved the part where he throws the little girl into the air then breaks off some martial arts whup-ass before catching her. Cool.

As w/ a lot of indie's, you don't walk away from this feeling like you got a full $3 worth (the story/dialogue is a bit sparce and the art simple and uncolored) but i DID have a great time with this and i WILL be buying #2 (anyone know if this is set as a mini or ongoing from Image?). The best i can ask of any comic is that feeling of wanting more... and Hysteria delivers on that front, especially if you're a fan of classic kung-fu (action, laughs, etc.). B+.


16 March, 2006 14:50, Blogger Sean Maher said...

I believe it's a four-issue mini.

Glad you dug it... I agree it feels a bit thin for the price, but the back-up helped a bit, I thought.

(Though I'm pretty sure the back-up is a reprint of an old Hysteria story... heh.)


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