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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Invincible #29

I get the feeling 'ole RK and pal Ryan Ottley had one of those "wait until they get a load of this one" meetings before Invincible #29 hit the stands last week.

This issue is encompassed almost entirely by brutally graphic fisticuffs between Mark and his Dad and a trio of Viltrumites bent on burying them - and hell, i loved it (especially Ottley's kick-ass panels and layouts - there's a 2-pager that is one of the coolest fight spreads i've seen).

I REALLY loved it for about a page when i thought Mark's Dad might have been killed (instead of just back broken)... now that would have been something.

Ah well, no big deal... great issue none-the-less (after a couple ho-hum Invincible issues lately IMO). Continuing to prove that Invincible is one of the coolest superhero mags out there, and why "creator owned" is so boss. B+.

It was all over when... (and yeah this viltrumite dude is holding his spilling guts in his pants w/ one hand while unceremoniously breaking Mark's Dad's back - how's that for hardass?)

Here's that boss Ottley superhero combat layout i mentioned above... couldn't resist:


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