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Friday, March 03, 2006

Nextwave #2

Seriously, who knew Warren Ellis had this in him?

Nextwave seems (after 2 issues) to be one of the best (if not THE best) new Marvel offerings in some time; well complete w/ a great cast, action packed (and oft hilarious) story/dialogue, and solid artwork.

"Nextwave" is essentially a team of former "Highest Anti-Terrorims Effort" (H.A.T.E) agents gone rogue after discovering that their employer was being secretly (and ironically) bankrolled by one of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations - the Beyond Corporation. Beyond is primarily in the business of developing, testing, and deploying UWMDs (unusual weapons of mass destruction) and just well... terrorizing people.

Ok, we've got the high-level story but a lot of what makes this book for me is the cast. Nextwave is composed of a wild collection of B-list Marvel characters (not one of which is boring in this telling, and mesh surprisingly well together):

Monica Rambeau - Monica (better known as the former Avenger Captain Marvel) can transform her body into any form of radiation and apparently serves as Nextwave's head honcho.

Aaron Stack - Also known as "Machine Man", Aaron is the beer-swilling (yeah) 51st in a line of robots that, as Ellis puts it, "do robot-y things". He has this great habit of calling human's "fleshy ones" (it's funny in context trust me).

Elsa Bloodstone - An English chick who has achieved super strength and invulnerability by wearing a mysterious stone around her neck. She's also typically seen whupping tail w/ various firearms (shotguns, uzi's, etc.). Great personality... and hell, Brits are funny.

Tabitha Smith
- Tabith (a former X-Force member known as "Boom Boom") blows things up... even though it's not readily obvious "how". Her power is pretty much the cat's ass IMO.

The Captain - My personal favorite... The Captain is one cynical, camo pants and trench coat wearing S.O.B. He can fly, and apparently has tremendous super-strength. Me thinks he has a "thing" for Tabith.

General Anger - Not a member of Nextwave but an important character none-the-less, Anger is the top-cow of H.A.T.E and he's got all kinds of issues. Can't wait to see where Ellis takes this guy...

High-level storyline? Check. Cast? Check. So what happens in this issue?

The Nextwave gang gets creative and puts down their first UMWD (a giant underpants sporting lizard named Fing Fam Foom) while battling an army of Beyond Corporation HR/combat robots (and cracking on each other). I feel like relaying some of the funnier moments and/or dialogue here but i'd just butcher it... pick up this issue (or #1 if you can get your hands on it). You won't be disappointed.

After only 2 issues, i'm a Nextwave whore. Ellis is doing a good job w/ the story/dialogue (keeping it light but not TOO "funny book") and i'm really digging on the art. A+.


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