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Friday, March 24, 2006

Nextwave #3

I'm a serious whore for this book. I'm not 100% sure why, but at the end of the day i guess Nextwave is just an easy-on-the-eyes, funny w/o trying too hard (and that's key in my book), flat-out enjoyable/entertaining read. I love it when comics don't take themselves too seriously, but still manage to put together a solid product that doesn't slip to the other side of that spectrum. Feel me?

The motley crew that makes up our super-hero team here is fast becoming one of my favorite casts from Marvel in a long, long while (Tabitha's powers are super money, and the Captain and Aaron Stack are uber-cool here IMO). The idea overall idea is just unique enough to stand on it's own, but the cast of characters (good and evil) have made this comic for me so far.

So what about #3 specifically? Ellis and Immonen start us on a new arc here, when a corrupt police officer is body-snatched by... something... and starts off on a classic godzilla-and/or-hulk-made-famous rampage (we can only assume he's now classified as one of the Beyond Corporation's "Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction" or UMWDs). BC's HR hunter-killer robots are of course role-players in this issue, but we get only a few panels of the already memorable self-hating Dirk Anger - who i can tell Ellis has big plans for eventually.

Anyways, i can't say it enough, but Nextwave is a fun, fun book. Immonen's art is easy to look at and at the same time rock-solid (his panels really move IMO). Ellis continues to impress with a unique humor and overall style i had no idea he had in him. A.

PS - Did i mention that Nextwave is action packed??


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