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Friday, March 31, 2006

TWD #27

Have i ever told you how much i enjoy the stock used for TWD? This is one sturdy book (covers and inside pages). I'm kind of pissed that Kirkman did away w/ the mug shot role call that used to appear at the back of every issue (why??). I loved that and really notice it's missing when i flip back there to reference and it's not to be found...

Anyways, #27 is a bit of a downer for me, even though i HAVE been waiting patiently for some new characters to appear. I'm just not sold yet on the gladiator-esque death matches... feels refried (got the same feelings about "planet hulk" too).

Finding a new camp of zombie plague survivors does open up the opportunity for a wealth of new stories, and i'm anxious to see how the rest of the prison-based crew (anticipating Rick, Glenn and Michonne's return) deal w/ their longer than expected absence. Should make for some good dialogue here in the next few issues...

PS - Lori acted as i expected she would, turning Carol's desperate polygamy bid down flat. Glad to see that though since that's the only reaction i could expect to have been "normal". Carol is on the edge of totally losing it though (has been for some time now) so that's something else to keep an eye on...

TWD is the best soap opera in comics right now. Kirkman's put together such a strong back story, cast, and overall plot that when boring issues come around they don't even BOTHER me (hell sometimes i even enjoy them!).

Now THAT's locking in your audience...

It was all over when...


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