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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultimates 2 #10

For the first time in my Ultimates (v1 or 2) life, i'm a bit... "meh" about an issue. Don't get me wrong, i like where Millar and Hitch's story is going overall, this one issue just seemed to have an inordinate number of up's and down's.

The terrorists world domination squad is cool enough (w/ at least a few interesting new baddies), and i definitely thought Iron Man's clubbing of his fiance' with a champaign bottle (do you realize how hard you would have to hit someone to break a CHAMPAIGN bottle over their head in real life??) was uber-money, but i'm left w/ mixed emotions about Hawekeye's escape.

I mean that was a pretty damn cool scene by the end (especially the kick-ass image below) but could you really rip off your own finger nails with one hand (supposing you could take the pain in the first place) and flick them with enough force (we know Hawkeye has the aim so no qualms there) to disable someone? Hmmmmm.

Regardless i'm still the biggest homer of an Ultimates fan. Can't wait for Thor to start whupping some ass and prove he's not the basket-case poser we've been led to believe... B.

It was all over when...


03 March, 2006 10:22, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I actually liked the next panels, when he looks at the camera, smiles, and says "run". I got a big smile when I saw that.

03 March, 2006 11:37, Blogger zilla said...

yeah man that was pretty boss...

05 March, 2006 11:45, Anonymous cmoney said...

The fingernail thing does make Hawkeye look more like an Ultimate version of Bullseye, but hey, I dug the heck out of it. :)


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