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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Walking Dead #26

TWD has been sleepwalking a bit lately IMO, but #27 does start us down an interesting new road outside the relative safety of the prison compound. Rick, Glenn, and Michonne don riot gear, hotwire a hoopty, and head a few miles from the prison to investigate a fresh helicopter crash.

After mud-stucking their new sled (approaching the crashsite now on foot) Rick and company discover that the survivors of the whirly-bird crash (if there were/are any) have been pulled from the rubble by unknown someones. We'll have to wait until #28 to find out who. One thing is for sure though, we've needed some new characters for a while and it looks like we may finally get some...

Probably the most interesting development in this issue though has little to do w/ the helicopter crash. Carol, still devestated emotionally by Tyreese's infidelity w/ Michonne (and her suicide attempt), approaches Lori (Rick's wife) w/ a 3-way marriage proposal. Looks like RK wants to add polygamy to his list of social issues to explore w/ TWD.

I'm interested to see where he takes this for sure... I can see why Rick might be down, and why Carol feels like she needs this (there aren't exactly many single dudes to choose from anymore), but why would Lori ever agree? What will Tyreese think?

We'll see i guess... as the TWD world turns ;)

Issue Grade: B

It was all over when... (click to enlarge)


16 March, 2006 17:13, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Wow, I might have to pick that up.


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