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Sunday, March 26, 2006

X-Factor #5, Ares #3, and Loveless #5

X-Factor #5 - X-Factor continues to be very cool, and very good. After Syrin's near death beat-down last issue, she's picked up off the street by a thoroughly insane ex-Doctor, ex-Mutant sociopath w/ designs on: A) Keeping her as a play-thing, and B) Using her as leverage to force X-Factor to somehow return the world to normal (restoring Mutants like himself w/ their lost powers). David is at the top of his game w/ this new title IMO, and i didn't even know Sook didn't draw this until i looked. I loved his style for this book and i'm glad they got a new guy who kept to it. Cheers.

Ares #3 - Oeming is a favorite of mine and he's doing some great work w/ this Ares mini (the artwork is slam-fastic too). I kind of wish he would ditch the guns and swat gear Ares seems to be fond of in this telling for some reason; in a book almost totally mythological that's one element that just seems out of place (and somewhat forced/corny). No matter though, this is a GREAT mini so far and gets better with each issue (if you ditched it after #1 give it another try).

PS - I've heard rumors that Ares will be an ongoing Marvel character (perhaps even joining an existing super-team) but i now have a suspicion that by the end of this mini, it will be Ares son Alexander (the NEW Ares God of War if something were to happen to his father) who will be "the guy" rather than the Ares we are reading about here...

Loveless #5 - Ugh. I'm still reading this because i really want a good, gritty western comic among my monthly reads - and Loveless is so close to being that (esp w/ Azzarello at the reigns) but hasn't quite cut it's groove yet.

Personally i find the story a bit difficult to follow (easy enough from a high level but the mid and low level stuff is confusing and all over the place at times). Azzarello employs steady use of flashbacks (similar to those in 100 Bullets, but just like there, it's sometimes hard to tell whether you're in the present or the past w/ few visual clues).

All-in-all, almost everything is in place here... Azzarrello is the perfect writer for this book, the character set is solid enough, and the art is spot-on for the title, but there's just something missing. Hopefully Azz can find some of the magic that's got me hooked (doubly) to the top-notch 100 Bullets.


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