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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4.12 Shopping List

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, my wife and i were in Thomasville NC visiting some old (and very good) friends and their funny-as-hell 15 mo. old. Back in the saddle though this week (once i catch up on my 5 billion work emails).

Desolation Jones is always highly anticipated in this camp and i'm also extra hype for a new Batman Year 100. New Next Wave next week, and the X-Men Omnibus if i can get it for cheap online somewhere... That will be fun ;)

HELLBOY VOL 6 STRANGE PLACES TP (MR) - Next Amazon or Instocktrades.com order :)

100 BULLETS #71 (MR) - I'm so used to reading these in TP that i'm having trouble w/ the single issues since i caught up... i could bare the wait i'd go back to TP only but not sure i can... great series.
BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED #3 (OF 4) - I didn't get a full review in but professed my love for this mini a few weeks back. I'm all over #3.
DESOLATION JONES #6 (MR) - YES, YES, YES! Been a while but these are always worth the wait...
DMZ #6 (MR) - Pull.
LOVELESS #6 (MR) - Not exactly impressed so far but i keep holding on and hoping...


YOUNG AVENGERS VOL 1 SIDEKICKS TP - I missed the YA boat for some reason (though i have read a few scattered issues). might pick this up.

WARREN ELLIS BLACK GAS #2 - #1 wasn't exactly revolutionary but i enjoyed it (plus i'm just anxious enough to find out what's going to happen). Black Gas is for the zombie plague lover in all of us.


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12 April, 2006 20:29, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything on your shopping list, but I gotta ask.
I just finished the Powers Vol. 1 HC this week, and I was wondering if there are any plans or a date set for a 2nd volume. I did like it quite a bit (thanks for the recommendation Zilla), and I'm interested in reading more. However, if I can wait a few months and get another HC I have plenty of other titles to read in the meantime.

Also, I was wondering if you have read (and have opinions on) any of Bendis' other early Image work like Torso, Jinx, or Goldfish.

Again, I apologize for straying off topic.

13 April, 2006 15:50, Blogger Ryan X said...

I am also a covert to Powers a la Mr. Zilla. Currently reading Vol 8. It is fantastic. Anyway, I thought it a strange coincidence that you asked about Bendis' other works (Jinx, Torso, Goldfish) because I was just browsing those at Amazon a few minutes ago. If anyone has any comments on them, I would love to hear as well.

13 April, 2006 21:58, Blogger zilla said...

Cellardoor no worries partner... Off topic is just as good as on topic around here for sure ('specially since the "topic" is almost always good comics).

I def wouldn't wait around for the second Powers HC, it could be eons before that comes out especially considering the first one just hit a month (?) or so ago. Keep going though, like i told mr. x once, Powers doesn't really start to get good until the issues/TPs FOLLOWING this first HC....

That HC sure is a beaut though sin't it???

13 April, 2006 22:01, Blogger zilla said...

PS about Bendis' "other" work... i haven't read torso, jinx, or goldfish, but i do have sam and twitch (the complete bendis) on my wish list since i've heard good things about that...

and i will unashamedly pimp Alias again - i'm currently working through the massive (600+ page) Omnibus HC and IMO it's some of Bendis' best work (my favorite behind Powers).

props to uncensored for the Alias bump that got me started w/ a character/title i NEVER would have tried w/o a shove ;)

14 April, 2006 09:41, Blogger Rob Woods said...

Bendis' earlier work is a lot better than some of the stuff he's putting out now. (Jinx in particular is worth a look. Goldfish is technically its prequel, but I wouldn't say that they have to be read in any particular order.)


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