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Sunday, April 02, 2006

4.2 Panel (and a bit about "Batman: Year 100")

I never did get around to reviewing issue #1 or #2 of Batman: Year 100 (i will once the run is complete), but i want it to be known that i'm really enjoying Paul Pope's mini far.

I admit at first i thought the art was crap (unfriendly commentary i know) but it's grown on me (i'm a fan now) and the writing has been exceptional... I'm enjoying Paul Pope's dark take on Gotham City in the future (as if Gotham needed to get any darker) and his solid 2030 (something) Commish Gordon and Batman, not to mention a pretty cool storyline...


03 April, 2006 00:57, Blogger Jim said...

If you're becoming a fan of Paul Pope, I would suggest Heavy Liquid and 100% out of DC, his short tale in Bizarro Comics and Solo #3. In that order, too.

03 April, 2006 04:05, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Don't you mean Batman Year One Hundred?

03 April, 2006 09:58, Blogger zilla said...

Oops - yeah i do. not sure why i mis-typed that title. thanks u.

and jim, i'll be looking into those titles thanks...


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