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Sunday, April 30, 2006

4.30 Panel

April is just about in the books my friends, and though i meant to share this at the beginning (on April 1), i hadn't read it yet ;)

Arkham Asylum was a little short on story IMO (though not unenjoyable Morrison) but Dave McKeon's artwork is something else. Reminds me a lot of the art in Sandman (this gets at what i was talking about in my post the other day, imagine if this team reworked Sandman Vol. 1?? Wow).

I got the 15th anniversary edition and i seriously must have flipped through it 10 times since my first read... The original script at the back w/ Morrison's notes helps TREMENDOUSLY deciphering the "what?"'s throughout.


30 April, 2006 22:16, Blogger Rob H said...

Yeah, the story didn't do all the much for me either. I was hoping for a little more but the artwork was more than enough to warrant me reading it twice. Eerie stuff.


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