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Friday, April 14, 2006

Fraction Talks "Casanova" @ Newsarama

I've been hype for this title ever since i laid eyes on the uber-cool cover (something about it...). After reading THIS interview i'm even MORE excited. Here's some nuggets i pulled (but def click through to look at the artwork at least):
The new series is in the “Fell” format, that is, it’s 16 pages a month by Fraction and artist Gabriel Ba for $1.99 (although June’s issue #1 will run a 32 pages for $1.99).
as Casanova was destined to be my first ongoing series, I wanted it to stand out and deliver and be the kind of book-- in content and form - that I wanted to read. So many comics these days get bloated and ponderous and ‘written for trade’ and “decompressed” or whatever else. With 16 pages, there’s no room for fat, no room for lazy pacing or storytelling. You gotta get busy quick and make your punches count.
the book itself, once it gets up and rolling, is the kind of stage that supports whatever kind of story I want to tell. It has all the trappings of the superspy genre but the world we’ve built it into allows the tale to go places that Bond or Flint never could, because they were too tethered to Earth.

I mean, who doesn’t want to see James Bond and Barbarella hook up and then team up to rule the world with ice-cold cool and white-hot, yet tastefully presented, sex?
Casanova Quinn is a Gentleman of Leisure, and he takes his leisure as he finds it-- wine, women, song, gambling, forgery, no holds barred psychic combat, or perhaps even dabbling in the lucrative field of international art thievery. He’s got apartments, estates, and bungalows scattered across the globes and he speaks a dozen languages flawlessly. He’s charming and bold and slick like liquid mercury.
It’s all just so goddamn cool, you know? Everything about that era, that milieu, that vibe. The men all wear fantastic suits the women are all absolutely poured into gowns that cost more than you and me make in a year combined. And then some crazed Eurotrash bazillionaire has some scheme for world domination that our hero and heroine will get sorted in time for drinks at sunrise in Shanghai. Spectacle, glamour, world-ending danger and torrid victory sex-- That’s the kind of day I dig, I guess.


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