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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Goon #17

I love this comic. Brings a smile to my face each month w/o fail. #17 does feel a bit short-winded though (seeming to end soon after it gets started) but i enjoyed my 5 minutes w/ it none-the-less.

The opening few pages kick ass and we ultimately learn a bit more about the nameless priest's new "muscle" (described by Franky as "escapees from a mongoloid baby clinic"; but in reality they are some sort of black magic conjured demon-spawn that the priest gave his right eye to unleash).

Good 'ole Norton's Pub gets ransacked and burned to the ground by the priest's new demon mob, and fans know this will undoubtably set off a Goon and crew ass whupping frenzy in coming issues (always a welcome event around here). I can only hope the good Dr. Alloy re-surfaces to join the fray (he and buzzard are my favs next to Goon). B.


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