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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moon Knight #1

I don't know much about Moon Knight beyond the recognizeable costume (and something sticking in my memory about him worshipping an egyptian God or something?), but this new ongoing has been getting the royal marketing treatment from Marvel (and has David Finch holding the pencil) so i felt compelled to at least give #1 a go.

Let me start by telling you that i have no idea how good or bad this series will be in a few months, but damn if #1 isn't a great start. seriously, this is how #1's SHOULD read (and rarely do). Moon Knight opens up a lot like a big-budget action flik, starting w/ MK ripping into a couple pair of low-level street thugs engaged in a car chase/shootout, while Huston narrates an introduction explaining MK's niche in the NY crime-fighting world.

As the issue unfolds, we discover we've been reading the drug and alcohol induced day-dream of Moon Knight's alter ego... from his wheel chair. I'm a little lost at this point (maybe a MK fanboy can fill us in) but it appears that MK lost his ability to walk at some point and thus his ability to fight crime as Moon Knight. He's justifiably depressed, living life in a drunken, pain-killer laced stupor, praying to one day don the MK costume and play "hero" again.

We can only assume our man rises up from his wheel chair next issue, dons the old familiar costume and... well that's where i hope this thing picks up steam rather than losing it :)

So far, so good though... Huston's writing is on point (just dark enough), and Hitch is always a beast (though i'm not sure i'm real hype about the "bulkiness" of MK; this particular character might be better played as a "averagely muscle-bound" rather than "Savage Dragon" (any male character) or "Ed McGuinness" (any male hero) muscle-bound. B+

PS - I couldn't help but feel it when reading this, but it feels a lot like a Marvel version of Batman... Dark, gritty, do what it takes hero w/ a troubled past working primarily in the guts of "his" city? He's even got (or at least had, depending on how things unfold here) an alfred and mysterious (and super-hot) girlfriend.

It was all over when...

But wait! Can this MK statue somehow restore my ability to walk and play caped avenger once again??


06 April, 2006 09:54, Blogger Ryan X said...

I was equally impressed with this first issue. I really liked how it started all crime-fighting and hero stuff and then in a few panels plunged you into MK's dark depressive reality. Read the letter from Huston at the end, it sort of gives some details on MK's origin as a soldier in the desert etc. I am sure they will flesh that out as the story continues.

06 April, 2006 10:15, Blogger zilla said...

damn i'll have to go back and read that... i know next to ZERO about MK before this issue ;)

07 April, 2006 10:25, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I haven't read them, but I believe Moon Knight's legs were broken in the Marvel Knights series a couple of years back, his last regular appearance before popping up in a group shot during Avengers: Disassembled. Huston's said he's not rebooting the character and is working with as much of the history as reasonably possible, so I'm assuming this is set somewhere between those two appearances.

As for the Batman comparison, it's a lot more vague than most people assume. Check out this great interview/conversation between Huston and Doug Moench, Moon Knight's creator for some background on his history and why he's really not Marvel's Batman.

07 April, 2006 13:28, Blogger zilla said...

guy - your comments are always welcome my friend. good background on MK and i read that interview... interesting. i think the Batman comparisons are "at first glance" and gradually fade as you get into MK.


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