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Monday, April 03, 2006

Quick thoughts on Savage Dragon #124

I picked up the first couple of SD trades a few months back and had a great time with both of them. I've got Vol. 3 on my wish list, and have added SD to my monthly pulls, so i guess i'm officially onboard w/ the big green.

Larsen has created a wild cast of uber-original characters, and SD as a whole is an intelligent, action-packed ride w/ some of the "biggest" action sequences i've seen (just about every issue is packed w/ huge 2-page spreads and head-knocking sequences that bust through panel boarders one after the other), and some wildly original story lines.

I have to admit i'm a bit lost here in the recent issues (just picked them up starting w/ #122) so hard to adequatly give thoughts on #124 here w/o coming across as an out-of-touch idiot. Def enjoyed the fight sequence though (i'm telling you this guys action art is incredible), and the laugh-out-loud barbs at the current white house administration...

Overall, SD is a fun read, with plenty of laughs and more action than you can shake a stick at. i think it's pretty damn cool that Eric Larsen is doing the writing, art, color, AND lettering for the new issues in order to maintain a "creative consistency".


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