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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's House

I just finished the second volume of Sandman and though i didn't enjoy it *quite* as much as the first, it was a great read. I especially dug on the issue where Sandman (w/ the help of his sister Death) let a man live for centuries on agreement that he meet w/ Morpheus every 100 years at the same pub/bar for some coversation.

At first it seems like an experiment to see what will happen to the poor guy if he doesn't die (he def has his ups and downs through the centuries on earth), but ultimately turns out to be a subconscious effort by the Sandman to ease some of his loneliness with a friend who's time (alive) is measured more like his own. Very cool.

I was grinning huge over the last few panels (when Morpheus rages on the dude for calling him lonely, then meets him the next time w/ a big smile and "friends shouldn't keep friends waiting").

Also enjoyed the grizzly (2 page) re-telling of the age-old story of Red Riding Hood ;)

Ok, not to cut my review short, but this volume got me thinking... have you guys ever read a "classic" comic or GN where the writing seems timeless but the art could use an update?

Not to take anything away from the art in Sandman, i was just wonder how this series would look if drawn by a contemporary artist like (just throwing out names here): Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, or Clayton Crane?

Pretty interesting to imagine any of these three VERY different horror-skilled artists drawing Sandman isn't it? Anyone else got thoughts on this??


19 April, 2006 13:43, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

It's not so much the art as the coloring. My understanding is that the upcoming Absolute Sandman volumes will be re-colored and re-separated for modern printing techniques and correctness (aparently in many cases the separators just ignored the colorists instructions!)

19 April, 2006 13:56, Blogger zilla said...

any idea when the first of those Sandman Absolute's is supposed to drop? I haven't even heard a tentative time frame yet... Good news about the coloring though. In the first TP it's near impossible to read some of what Morpheus has to say (the white on black is a bit messed up).

19 April, 2006 14:50, Blogger Sean Maher said...

I have the same problem with a lot of the early Vertigo books - Sandman, Shade: The Changing Man, a lot of the old Morrison stuff.

Just looks kinda flat and ugly compared to a lot of what I'm reading today. I totally buy that it's a coloring thing, though.

19 April, 2006 15:08, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Information about coloring etc. being fixed for the Absolute editions is here.

I don't think a definitive date has been announced, although I believe they're aiming for late 2006 (in time for holiday shopping) for the first to hit.

19 April, 2006 20:42, Blogger Rob H said...

Anything by Mignola, Powell or Crane would look good but I haven't read Sandman so I'm not too sure what to expect. However, it could be interesting to see a new take on the classics.

Alot of contemorary artists are slightly more daring with their art work. For example, if something like Watchmen was to be redrawn by somebody like Eduardo Risso, I'd be more inclined to read it.

That said, I agree with the color theory.

20 April, 2006 07:58, Blogger zilla said...

i agree w/ you rob... not sure what it is but some of the artwork in the classics (like Watchmen, V, Preacher) just feels dated and "80s" for some reason (while at the same time the writing often feels timeless).

In the end it was just fun to imagine Sandman w/ art by Miggs or Powell ;)


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