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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos TP

Ah good 'ole Silver Surfer. Spurs some great childhood comic nostalgia for me. My dad and i used to read Silver Surfer together when i was real little (starting w/ #1) so i guess you could say i've got a soft spot for the former Herald of Galactus and his cosmic adventures.

I don't remember reading Rebirth of Thanos back then (starting around #34) but man this is a solid Silver Surfer adventure written by Jim Starlin and penciled by Ron Lim, even though the Surfer dissappears about 3/4 of the way through and we finish the TP following Thanos's quest (originally printed in the aptly named mini Thanos's Quest).

Essentially we have the story of Death's resurection of the mighty Thanos in order to amp up the flow of souls into her domain. Aside: I much prefer the Sandman version of "Death" to this prototypical skeletal female version in the coweled purple robes :) In thanks for his resurrection (and due to an infatuational love w/ Death) Thanos comes up with a wild plan to eliminate half the living from the universe, planet by planet.

In order to procure enough power to accomplish such a feat however, he must attempt to acquire each of 6 (i think there are 6?) soul gems. The soul gems are protected individually by the cosmic elders and so a classic treasure hunt ensues, as Thanos must out battle or outwit each for his gem, all the while dodging the efforts of the Silver Surver and Thanos' dim-witted brother Drax the Destroyer (who makes for some laugh-out loud moments IMO).

Overall i really, really enjoyed this TP. i read it in just about 2 sittings, even though it's a pretty thick job. Starlin writes silver surfer much as we have come to expect; as the brooding intellectual w/ the weight of the universe seemingly on his shoulders. But there are some lighter moments here that really balance it out... and i'm happy to see his dialogue is a lot less... cryptic than some of Silver Surfers earlier stuff (where it's as painful to read what he's saying as Thor sometimes).

Additionally, Lim is one of my favorite all time SS artists, and he doesn't let down here (this is some of the best SS art ever IMO). He thankfully draws the surfer's metallic skin as a one-piece and not w/ his original tighty-whitey's (which always bothered me for some reason).

All-in-all one of the best SS adventures ever. A

It was all over when (sort of)...

Sorry for the shitty scan... i got this image online, though the remastered art in the TP is phenomenally bright and very well redone!!!!


13 April, 2006 18:31, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Hmm, I didn't have any of those issues, but I had a follow-up issue where the Surfer is put on trial in a space city for the murder of one of their citizens. . . Thanos!

Pretty amusing, pretty good glimpse of how evil Thanos can be.

13 April, 2006 22:03, Blogger zilla said...

These scans really don't do the TP justice... they seem to have totally re-mastered the original issues for this release and they really do look phenomenal (in color and just an overall vibrance).


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