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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sleeper Vol. 1 and 2

Ok... start with a bad-ass black ops super soldier (working for an organizaton called "international operations" or simply "I.O.") and name him "Holden".

Next have Holden accidentally kill his entire squad when they stumble across a mysterious alien artifact that imbibes him with the power to absorb pain (though he can no longer feel it) and redistribute at will.

Nasty little power that one.

Once Holden's powers are discovered, have Holden's handler (Lynch) blackmail him, using the accidental death of his squad as leverage, into becoming a double-agent.

Have one of the world's most powerful and intelligent crime lords (Tao) recruit him into his secret (and oh so cool) mafia-like underworld organization.

Next have Holden rise dutifully up the ranks in Tao's organization (playing much the same role as assassin/muscle as he did for I.O.), eventually securing a place in the inner circle. During his rise, have Holden befriend a jovial, bad-ass meat-head (who's nicknamed himself "Genocide" because he kills a lot of people; though that is a gross misuse of the word) and fall in love w/ a masocistic, ass-kicking dame named "Miss Misery".

Around this time, have Holden's handler, Lynch, fall into a near-death coma, and let it be known that he's the only guy on the planet who actually knows that Holden is a double agent and not just one of Tao's cronies.

Have Holden discover that a secret society of blue-bloods really runs the world.

Have Genocide shot and Holden and Miss Misery captured and tortured by I.O. (who have no idea he's a double remember).

Next have Holden's secret discovered (by Tao), who can read minds as it turns out, but have Tao forgive him and convince him to continue under his employ since all his former "good guy" associations have been disconnected (Lynch) and/or believe him to be a traitor. Not to mention how I.O. has treated him lately...

Have Holden struggle internally w/ no real clear idea of what to do next (his "old" boss and his "new" boss are equally deranged; the line between the good guys and bad has become smokey at best.

Throw in twists and turns hand over fist.

Have Lynch wake up from his coma.


Oh man this is a GREAT title and some of Brubaker's best work (and some of the best stuff i've read in comics... ever).

I can't believe it took me almost a full year back into comics to find out about Sleeper. This title just plain rocks. It's gritty, hard core, and for mature audiences. Take this from a huge fan of Lludlum (Bourne trilogy rules), Clancy, Eisler, and "spy"/black ops/international assassin novels in general.

Just got #3 in the mail and can't WAIT to dig into it.


07 April, 2006 20:14, Blogger zilla said...

i forgot to mention how much i love brubakers method of filling us in on each characters past:

when Tao's operatives are sitting around biding time, rather than tell jokes, they have this game they play where they run down their individual history in the 3rd person... it's way cool.

there's also just enough super-powers in here (not sure if i made it sound like there were any at all besides holden). the take on super-powers in Sleeper reminds me a bit of Bendis and Oeming's Powers... Kind of gritty, kind of real, and not every power is worth a shit :)

10 April, 2006 10:12, Blogger Ryan X said...

Ha ha! I knew you would dig Sleeper. That was one of the first titles I started reading when I got back into comics. Glad you are enjoying it. I am going to have to reread it since I never finished the trades the first time (for whatever reason).

11 April, 2006 09:12, Blogger Rob Woods said...

It's one of the most consistently good series I can remember that's come out recently. 3 and 4 keep the standard up, so enjoy reading them for the first time.

11 April, 2006 12:29, Blogger Bigseek said...

Sleeper is one of my favorite books of all time. I hated that it had to end but at least it got to end on it's own terms.
It would make for a great oversized hc.

11 April, 2006 23:39, Blogger Rob H said...

Hey Zilla, long time no speak.

I've been out of the comic buying frenzy due to income issues but hey, I'm back in the game and I'm ready to start up on whatever looks good. Your blog's really doing me a fav so I've added a heap of titles to the "pull" list along with a bunch of personal favorites. I'm still catching up on a heap I've left hanging over the months but your reviews are looking great and they'll definitely help. Keep it up.

Dr. Flem

12 April, 2006 09:11, Blogger zilla said...

Flemmy well i'll be damned. i was just thinking about you the other day for some wild reason (wondering where you were). Glad to have you back man...

12 April, 2006 19:38, Blogger Rob H said...

Cheers, zilla. Glad to be back.


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