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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sleeper Vol. 4: The Long Way Home

Finished Sleeper (Vol. 4 and thus the series) this past weekend and loved how it wrapped. Too many comics these days (esp those that don't sell well while in flops like Sleeper) are forced into early retirement and end... well... rather abrubtly and/or badly. Luckily for Sleeper fanboys like me, Brubaker was able to put the lid on this title as he planned it from day one - and it shows.

This is the first run of TPs i've read since i've been back that i plan to read through again (in their entirety) before i even shelve them. Brubaker put together a killer story filled w/ all the trappings of a great lludlum spy novel (even the infamous internal angst of Jason Bourne) and one hell of an original cast - all of whom are interesting, and none of whom feel like filler.

Great stuff i've been whoring for months around here that ends just as well as it begins (for once). A+

PS - I didn't realize how much i appreciated the title of this volume ("The Long Way Home") until after i read it ;)

It was all over when...


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