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Friday, April 28, 2006

Wolverine #41

Wolverine hasn't been on my pull list for a while now (until next issue that is; when Ramos picks up the pencil), but i snagged #41 wed once i realized it was one of those uber-cool Wolvie one-shot's i love (a la #32).

The Black Panther (who's evidently got a policy against interfering in his African neighbor's politics) calls on Wolverine to help him pick up and safely deliver a "package".

Logan agrees and shortly finds himself parachuting into the battered African country of "Zwartheid" en route to the pick-up rendesvous (Zwartheid is somewhat the classic war torn African nation, complete w/ rival warlords tearing the mineral rich country apart from within and terrorizing the population with heinous acts of brutality).

Zwartheid's "good guy" president (and one true hope for peace) has been very recently assasinated and his infant daughter has become a last gasp symbol of hope for the people (and turns out to be the "package" Wolverine must deliver to safety in hopes that she will one day pick up where her father left off and bring peace to the country).

Complicating things (of course) is a maniacal Zwartheid warlord who would rather see the daughter of his deceased rival join him in the afterlife than grow a day older, and has set out to prevent her escape by having his troops patrol the Zwartheid boarders in search of her and her rescuer...

Ok, now that the details are out of the way the adventure begins as Wolverine straps the infant to his chest and makes his way through the jungle towards the boarder, killing just about everything that moves along the way.

Moore and Smith do a pretty good job showing Wolverine protecting his precious package, but i gotta admit it's kind of hard to figure an infant could survive all that jumping and bouncing around w/o injury... even if Wolverine could shield her from bullets, axes, arrows and whipping branches with his adamantium skeleton... but i digress...

Moore's writing and C.P. Smith's art are both spot-on for Wolverine IMO; gritty, dark, and mood setting. These guys did a great job together here, and remind me how much i prefer Wolverine in "non-superhero" stories. Honestly, I can't believe how much this issue reminds me of my all-time favorite from last year (one-shot #32 where Wolverine is locked down in a concentration camp unable to kill him... which gets me thinking, after also recently reading Logan shout "Shalom" in the New Avengers Annual... is he Jewish?).

Overall a great effort and a great one-shot. I loved it. Perfect to get me excited for the character again heading into #42 where my man Ramos takes over the artwork...A


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