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Friday, April 21, 2006

Working my way through the massive Alias HC...

I've been reading an issue or 2 a night through the humongous Alias Omnibus, and honestly, this title is about as good the second time through as it was the first time i read it (over a year ago now).

I've said it before but this is def some of Bendis best work outside of Powers IMO. He's taken a miserable, little-known character (Jessica Jones) and turned her hella-interesting by (ironically) making her more human and less superhero-ee.

As a matter of fact, Jessica's an ex-superhero who has given up the "life" simply because she wasn't cut out for it like the Daredevil's and Captain America's of the world. She's still got her powers (though she's never been very good at using them) and runs a one-person private detective agency (Alias Investigations) to make ends meet. Readers will never confuse her w/ Colombo or Matlock (or even the chick from murder she wrote) though; she tends to stumble into her cases and their solutions rather than expertly investigating them (though she is written as smart and ultimately capable).

Jessica has got a ton of everyday problems (most of them mental); she drinks too much, smokes too much, sleeps around (esp when she gets drunk), and generally battles a variety of depression, anger, and paranoia. She has few friends (but more than she thinks including the likes of Captain America, Luke Cage, Ant Man, and Carol Danvers) and generally lives a bit of a "loner" lifestyle.

At the end of the day though, these are the things that make her interesting to read about... even if there are entire issues devoted to a couple conversations (w/ very little action). Bendis has this knack with writing "adult" conversation IMO, evident throughout his work here (and in Powers). The back-and-forth between the characters just has a natural flow and reminds me a lot of how conversations typically flow in a text only book (which is typically VERY different than in comics once you take notice).

Ahhhhhh... I totally didn't mean this to be a review, just a couple thoughts, but se la vie. Alias is a great read about a now interesting character (the only female lead i've read and enjoyed in eons) with real world problems. Gotta love how Bendis seems to really want to give us a look at the world (and superheros) as they may be if they really existed. Cheers to that.

PS - The HC itself is gorgeous. Gotta love the fact that you can get the entire run of Alias in one big, beautiful book. Cheers (a second time) for that ;)


21 April, 2006 12:09, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Well, you've certainly had enough good things to say about Alias to get me interested, now I just have to work up the nerve to devote an entire InStockTrades order to one book!

21 April, 2006 12:24, Blogger zilla said...

ha... i'm always hesitant to recommend books this expensive. you know if i get you to try a $3 book and you don't like it no biggie, but $45? ha!

22 April, 2006 04:23, Blogger Rob Woods said...

Little known? The character was created for the book, so "non-existent" would probably be a better description. Haha, don't want to nitpick, it's a great series. (Bendis originally wanted to use Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, but Marvel wouldn't allow it.)

22 April, 2006 09:35, Blogger zilla said...

damn rob - i had NO idea that Bendis created this character just for Alias... only been back in comics a year so learning new stuff daily. somehow that makes the series even cooler to me ;)


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