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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3.15 Shopping List

Hmmm... Light week for me, though i'm into the current Punisher arc and Exterminators continues to entertain. I guess i'll pick up Civil War #1 (almost because i feel like i have to), though i expect to drop it after a couple of issues and just get the digest from someone a ala HoM.

I did love v1 and 2 of the PAD Hulk Visionaries so #3 is going on my Amazon wish list along w/ that MASSIVE (and massively expensive) X-Men Omnibus...

I'll def be picking up:

BPRD UNIVERSAL MACHINE #2 (OF 5) - I'm a quiet fan of B.P.R.D. (potentially due to HB withdrawal) and the mini's have gotten better and better IMO.
EXTERMINATORS #5 (MR) - Pull list. Unique and entertaining.
CIVIL WAR #1 (OF 7) - This is one of those books you feel like you HAVE to get for some reason... though i'm not all that excited about it.
MARVEL TEAM-UP #20 - Pull list. Another one of those "McDonald's" books i buy every month for those times when i just feel like sitting down and reading a comic w/o investing too much brain power.
PUNISHER #33 (MR) - Pull list.


SAM & TWITCH BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS COLLECTION VOL 1 TP (MR) - I've had this on my wish list so long i forgot why i put it there... anyone read this?
HULK VISIONARIES PETER DAVID VOL 3 TP - v1 and 2 were great so what the hell?
UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS VOL 1 HC - $99? At least it's $60 at Amazon. I wonder if this will be any good???
ATOMIKA #7 (OF 12) - I won't be picking up this single issue, but i DID read #1-3 back when and dug them enough to read by trade (assuming it gets collected).

Next Week:

EX MACHINA #20 (MR) and ARES #4 (OF 5).


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