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Monday, May 01, 2006

5.1 Panel

Slott's Thing is def McDonald's style comics satisfaction but i'm enjoying it so far. The writing is solid, paced, and good for a laugh (gotta love the "Lost" bump in this issue - i love that show!). Plus the Ben Grimm here is a bit more likeable (IMO) than the weepy UFF version (Sean, you agree?).

PS - I know i've mentioned this before (the details matter to a guy like me) but i love how they've got Grimm wearing different clothes throughout (issue after issue)... it's always been a pet peeve of mine how Captain America sits around the house in his uniform (mask and all!). Not to single out Cap Am, but you get me i'm sure, this is prevalent across superhero comics... i would bet dating back to the days where it was hard to tell characters apart by their faces? it's NOT anymore w/ modern art/coloring so no need to baby us!!!


01 May, 2006 15:13, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Maybe spandex costumes are really comfortable to sit around in?

01 May, 2006 21:33, Blogger Rob H said...

Dave: Some deviants get off on that kind of thing. ;)

Great panel.

02 May, 2006 07:53, Blogger zilla said...

ha - no doubt there ARE some fans among us who DO sit around in spandex superhero costumes (not me i swear).

03 May, 2006 13:26, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Plus the Ben Grimm here is a bit more likeable (IMO) than the weepy UFF version (Sean, you agree?).


Although, my favorite Ben Grimm EVER was done many years ago; I forget what it was called, but The Champion (who you'll remember from the Thanos Quest book) came to Earth threatening to conquer the planet if nobody could best him in the boxing ring.

Hulk got disqualified, Thor had to leave his hammer out of the ring, and it all came down to Aunt Petunia's Favorite Nephew. He got absolutely destroyed, orange rock flying off him in chunks, nearly dead, but he WOULD NOT STAY DOWN.

Champion was so impressed by his determination and spirit that, even though he'd clearly beaten everyone in the ring, he left Earth alone anyway as a reward.

What a great character.


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