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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

5.10 Panel

I'm enjoying the heck out of the current Punisher arc.  Barracuda is a GREAT character (and it's nice for big Pun to get a one man challenge every once in a while rather than mowing down thug #1 and thug #2's).  I started w/ this Max series back at #25 and have liked it enough to consider picking up the collections of earlier issues...  should i?


10 May, 2006 08:29, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

This scene of the comic really bothered me. Why? I know from personal experience that when you get your fingers chopped off like that, there is a lot of blood. Gushing and squirting. Unless Barracuda takes steps to stop the bleeding, he's going to pass out rather quickly. Instead, here he just keeps on fighting.

10 May, 2006 08:47, Blogger Rob H said...

I was given the first Punisher MAX HC on this years free comic book day. Lucky me eh? Still haven't read it but I've heard good things. I'm sure I'll pick up the second HC soon after reading it. Ennis writes a wicked Frank.

10 May, 2006 08:49, Blogger zilla said...

dave - funny you should say that but i was thinking the exact same thing when i read it. i had this idea pop into my head that he should have shoved it into a fire or something to cauterize it and really show bad ass (though you would certainly pass out from the pain if you did that in "real" life).

not to mention the 4" swiss army knife to the eye he takes there in the beginning of the issue (to the hilt) :)


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