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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5.10 Shopping List

Talk about a weak, weak haul this week...  Take out the TP that i'm not really picking up but just adding to my wish list, and i'm not sure i'll even make the trip...  no worries i've got a stack of great TPs i'm working on ;)

PS - Did i miss anything??

SAMURAI HEAVEN & EARTH TP - This actually came out last week (i think?) but i'll be picking it up someday for sure.  Adding to wish list.
EX MACHINA #20 (MR) - Pull list.
ARES #4 (OF 5) - I'm digging this so far...  will make a better trade than read by flops but...  i'm "flop committed" at this point (since i've bought the first 3).



09 May, 2006 12:46, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

"Flop Committed" - what a great term!

09 May, 2006 13:54, Blogger Pat said...

I'd recommend flipping through Last Planet Standing - last year had Last Hero Standing, and while it wasn't earth-shattering, it was an entertaining story set in the M2 universe. Usually those M2 stories (like Spider-Girl) are lots of fun and not too serious (I've been reading them in the digests when the local library gets them).

09 May, 2006 19:40, Blogger zilla said...

Pat - considering the light weak i'll try anything my friend. i'll def check this out and let you know what i think...

Dave - i modified a term my boys have been using at our poker nights for years ("pot committed"). funny how applicable the term "flop committed" really is though... you guy 2-3 issues of a 5-6 issue mini and you can't just stop and buy the trade when it comes out... ugh.

09 May, 2006 21:19, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I did (stop buying in the middle of stories that is)
Does that make me Flop Divorced? Or perhaps a Flop Dropper?


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