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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5.17 Shopping List

Considering last week was so light for me that i didn't even make the trip, i'm anxious to get back in the saddle this week. Luckily Fear Agent and Fell are both dropping new issues this week. Cool.

CONAN #28 (MR) - Pull list. Does this issue start the changing of the writer guard? I can't remember...
BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED #4 (OF 4) -- I've really, really enjoyed this mini and can't wait to read the wrap issue. Lucky for me the Year 100 flops have been square-binded so they sit nicely on the shelf... no TP purchase required (but maybe...).
DMZ #7 (MR) - Pull list. IMO DMZ is just starting to get good.
FEAR AGENT #4 - Pull list. Is it just me or did this one seem to actually come out on time? I hope they can keep it up since this Sci Fi title kicks major ass to this point.
FELL #5 - Pull list. I'd buy this if it were $2.99.
CAPTAIN AMERICA #18 - Pull list, though i'm looking ahead to the next arc already (and that's usually a bad sign for me).
MOON KNIGHT #2 - #1 was just interesting enough. I'm in for #2 regardless of my 2-issue rule.

100 BULLETS #72 (MR) - I'm reading 100 Bullets by TP.  Sucks sometimes to know that there are 5 100 B issues worth of happenings that i'm not privvy too.  Ah well.
CONAN VOL 3 TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT & STORIES HC - I'm still loving Conan, but looking back i'm wondering if this title isn't fading on me a bit (maybe this author reboot is warranted after all)?  I absolutely loved the first collection (Frost Giant's Daughter and other Stories), thought the second (God in the Bowl...) was a bit off comparatively (though still good), and have really no desire to buy this third collection, though i did enjoy the issues...  hmmmmm.
FRANK MILLERS SIN CITY LIBRARY II HC - Oh man if i didn't have the entire Sin City run in softcover i'd be all over these swell HC collections, though they're priced to stoke the ire of comic-reader wives everywhere.


16 May, 2006 20:52, Blogger Rob H said...

I've heard that Cary Nord isn't working on Conan any more? Is this true?

17 May, 2006 06:06, Anonymous CellarDoor Family said...

Have you heard anything about "Talent" from Boom Studios? I read a review over at Fourth Rail, and it sounds pretty dang interesting.

18 May, 2006 16:58, Blogger Ryan X said...

Did Fear Agent come out yesterday? I picked up my stack today and didn't even notice it wasn't in there!!! Someone please tell me it was delayed...


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