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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

6.1 Shopping List

Not sure if it's the shortened holiday week or what, but there doesn't seem to be much coming out tomorrow (as always bitch-slap me if i'm missing something i shouldn't be).  Regardless, i'm a bit stoked for Emissary #1 and the next issue of Ellis' Black Gas, and was extra hype for a split second when i saw Ultimates 2 on Diamond's shipping list...  until i read down the line and saw it was just a poster.  Weak.

EMISSARY #1 - Seems interesting...  And hell, i'm trying something new every week (thanks Guy).
GODLAND #11 - Pull list.  I think the creative team behind Godland is taking a few months off after #12.
THING #7 - Pull list.  One of the only comics on the stands in which the starring cape regularly wears clothes other than his spandex. 
WARREN ELLIS BLACK GAS #3 - Gratuitous gore anyone?  I'm a sucker for a well done zombie story and this one fits the bill so far...

PS - Is Ed McGuiness still drawing Superman Batman? 


31 May, 2006 22:11, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

"Is Ed McGuiness still drawing Superman Batman?"

Nope. McGuiness just singed a Marvel exclusive.

S/B #26 is the all-star jam Sam Loeb tribute issue.

01 June, 2006 09:03, Blogger zilla said...

Dave - that's pretty good news... i really like McGuiness' work (esp teamed w/ Loeb). I guess now they'll have the opportunity to work together again since Loeb is exc. Marvel too... any clues as to what they'll be doing?


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