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Friday, May 05, 2006

Civil War #1

Ugh.  I'm really starting to despise these Marvel crossover "events".  I got through the first couple of issues of HoM before deciding i'd just catch it in digest on the web somewhere, and at this point i'm not sure i'll even get that far w/ Civil War (though i will begrudgingly stick to my 2-issue rule at the very least). 

CW #1 is a big disappointment for me considering how huge a fan i am of Mark Millar.  Maybe my expectations were too high (i think we've all come to hold Millar to a pretty high standard after Ultimates, etc.)?  The whole thing just feels kind of forced IMO, and somewhat hastily put together (though i know in reality it wasn't rushed since i've been hearing about it for what seems like eons now).  

Public outcry for super power registration (after several massive "loss of life" events) is believable enough, but I'm not buying the delivery.   The whole mutants as civil servants angle is a bit hokie and  the almost instant rift between long standing, battle tested friendships would seem to need issues and issues of development IMO, not a few panels representing about an hour's elapsed time.  As a total aside i also find the New Warriors irritable (though Namor's cousin is hot in a very nerdy "i love an alien" way).

McNiven's artwork is solid (albeit his faces always seem a bit rigidly plastic to me, esp around the mouth) and there's at least one cool scene where Cap Am mushes S.H.I.E.L.D (verbally and physically); though riding on the back of an F-15 would be impossible for even the super soldier i'm sure. 

I did love the panel (below) where the Watcher appeared, thought that was a nice touch and steve strange's comment in regards cracked me a big smile. 

PS -  there's a killer ad for Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr's june-arriving "Eternals" which i hadn't seen previously...  I'll def be picking up the first issue of that :)


06 May, 2006 02:45, Blogger comics should be fun said...

Here I agree 100%. Nice art, boring and misguided story. What's next, "voting in the marvel universe?" Oh the drama.

06 May, 2006 08:34, Blogger zilla said...

"Oh the drama" is right (and hilarious BTW). not to repeat myself but i'm so frustrated w/ these "events". i mean you don't NEED to have an event twice a year... if a good (great) idea for a massive crossover only comes along every year (or every 2 or 3) then fine, execute it then and execute it well, taking time to build it up on both ends (and in the middle). feel me?

11 May, 2006 15:05, Anonymous cmoney said...

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