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Monday, May 22, 2006

Fell #5

Fell is a really, really good comic. 

As a matter of fact It's so good i'd happily pay today's going rate of $2.99 per issue, though i'm only charged $1.99 (trade off? a few less pages, which IMO is completely unnoticeable). 

Ellis AND Templesmith are on top of their game with this comic, and Fell is one of the coolest comics to come along in some time.  The writing is gritty and intelligent, and Ellis has done an excellent job so far coaxing a complete stand-alone story into each 16 page issue of Fell - and what's really amazing is the stories have yet to feel the least bit rushed, disjointed, or incomplete. 

It definitely seems that Ellis and Templesmith "Fell experiment" has well succeeded in proving that a good solid (even extraordinary) comic story can be told in it's entirety in just 16 pages (and for a more palatable $2 cover price to boot).  Cheers to that.

PS - We've always known what Ellis is capable of, but who knew how friggin' cool this guy Templesmith is?  I love his work here, esp his uber-cool use of colors (most notably those in the background, helping alter the tone/mood at a panel's notice).

Then BAM...  the orange background whips up the intensity like nobody's business (BTW - the 6 blue panels above are in order, but the orange backgrounded panels below are a few pages ahead; just wanted to demonstrate my point :)...

Lastly, i have to mention that the "back matter" in Fell kicks ass.  Ellis obviously spends some time here (not only throwing in snippets of the issue's script and letters pages but also some thoughtful commentary).  I still can't believe the quality we're getting here for a dollar less.  A+.


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