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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Interesting Newsarama article (Marvel's Civil War)

cmoney posted a comment to my review of Civil War #1 w/ a link to an interesting Newsarama article addressing one of my beefs about the event. 

The author, Troy Brownfield, is a lot more comfortable w/ the fact that long time allies and teammates can so quickly turn on each other, suggesting that Milar and McNiven are really just taking advantage of underlying stress/previous fissures between some of the main characters (Cap Am and Iron Man are addressed here in this first part of a multi-part series of articles).

Personally, though the article is an interesting read for sure, i'm still not feeling it.  i guess i'm one of those dudes who has this "thing" about loyalty and friendship and what it *should* take to put boys at odds.  I def don't like things dragged out in my comics, but if you're going to tackle an issue like this, you sure as hell better put in the time up front to pull it off in a believable fashion...

Just my 2c.


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