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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talent #1

Talent #1 I've forgotten which of you guys recommended i pick up the first issue of Boom Studio's Talent, but in the end i'm glad i took your advice (and promise never to doubt you again i swear ;)  Good book so far my friends.

#1 opens as a passenger plane full of everyday'ers crashes into the ocean, killing all aboard save one - a seemingly nothing special college professor by the name of Nicholas Dane (a great "every man" character so far BTW).  Dane's survival isn't your typical miracle though - he's discovered in the wreckage of the plane a full 16 hours after it's been fully submerged in sub-zero waters and can't explain why (or how) he has been spared.  

The uniqueness of Nick Dane doesn't end there though, he's also mysteriously connected to many of his fellow passengers (though they are all now dead), through spots of shared memories and inherited "talents".  He spends the back half of this first issue struggling internally in an effort to come to grips with what has happened, the media scrutiny that's accompanied it all, and the unexplainable link he now has with his recently perished fellow travelers, all while avoiding repeated attempts on his life.   Good stuff.

Throw in a hard nosed investigator (assigned to a gov't task force charged with investigating the crash) backed by a mysterious Cardinal (yeah that kind of cardinal) with as yet unexplained interests, and you've got a heck of a good start IMO. 

In the end i'm kind of surprised to learn that Talent is only a four-issue mini...  IMO the foundation is here for a unique, interesting, and well entertaining ongoing.  The art is a bit minimalistic but fits well...  reminding me a bit of the artwork in Winter Men for some reason.  Regardless, it looks through 1 that Golden, Sniegoski, and Azaceta have got an interesting story to tell.  I'm in.  A.


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