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Monday, May 22, 2006


Been madly out of pocket the last 7 or 8 days due to my wife's grandmother passing.  Pretty rough time for the family (g-ma had 8 kids and seemingly thousands of grandkids).  Had tons of house guests etc.

Back in the saddle this week though after digging through about 250 non-junk (umm....  yeah.) work emails this morning...  I did finally get around to reading most of my flops from last week though and i'll post a few quick thoughts when i get a chance.   or now?
In short, i loved Fell #5 (this book is so friggin' cool and the back-matter is always money); the finale to Batman Year 100 was up to snuff (there's noting spectacular about the ending but still topped a great mini IMO).  I thought Talent was interesting (thanks for pointing me to this), and that Fear Agent and Ares fizzled a bit w/ their latest issues (i really wish Moore was the full time artist on FA).  Moon Knight still has me through #2 and the new Powell drawn Conan was ho-hum until the end (taken as a whole though i loved it).

What did you guys think?


22 May, 2006 23:51, Blogger Rob H said...

First off, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Zilla. My thoughts go out to you, your wife and the whole family.

Second, Powell's drawing Conan? Interior or just covers?

23 May, 2006 13:29, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Powell just drew the interiors for Busiek's last issue of Conan.

Not sure I agree about Moore staying on full time as the Fear Agent artist; I thought his work on the latest issue was real iffy, kinda rushed and lazy lookin'. I mean, compare some of these pages to the first six issues of The Walking Dead (or hell, the first few issues of FA) and you can see a pretty big difference.

Whereas Jerome Opena's work in the latest issue of Strange Girl was completely aces. Brilliant fantasy action stuff with just a sprinkle of Sam Keith.

And yeah, I think Fell was the best thing I read last week. Best backmatter yet - hopefully Ellis continues to do the essay thing more than the script sample/letters column thing, 'cause I found the essay much more interesting (thought provoking) reading.

23 May, 2006 14:46, Blogger zilla said...

Sean - i totally agree w/ you about the art in the latest FA looking REAL lazy and rushed, but i thought it was because it WASN'T Moore. It hardly looked like his work (even a far cry from earlier FA issues) so i just assumed it was the new guy primarily (even though they claimed to have worked on it "together")...

23 May, 2006 16:14, Blogger Sean Maher said...

You may be right; I was a little unclear on what the whole collaboration was. I just kinda assumed it was mostly Moore's end of things because the FA looked completely different from Opena's style on Strange Girl, but I could be wrong.

Oh, and I *am* continuing to follow Hysteria: One Man Gang, and loving it just as much as you. The bit in the back about how he's not even scripting or plotting this out, and basically just JAMMIN' for four issues, was pretty badass, I thought.

23 May, 2006 20:17, Blogger zilla said...

yeah who knows... either it was the other guy (who i'm def not trying to hate on since this is the first i've seen of his work) or really shoddy/rushed Moore - as bad as i've seen from him.

about one man gang though - i never did thank you for turning me on to that... glad you're still following. that's one cool comic. will make a great TP.


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